Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring.....Or At Least It Should Be

Hi everyone,

I don't normally leave so long in between posts but it has been a mega busy period.  I hope you are all doing great?

We keep hearing the word Spring yet it has only been the last few days that I think we can say we have seen evidence that she is's been bitterly cold and some places have even had lots of snow.  I've been quite excited for the arrival of the new season even if she hasn't really woken up fully because I can smell her fragrance in the air plus the nights are lighter which means more bird songs and I love to listen them to sing.

More evidence of her being around is that the flowers are pushing up and my Bluebells are included so I'm pretty excited to see them trying.....the trees have small buds still enclosed but very soon they will turn colour and will produce beautiful leaves.

So I think we can say that she has sprung but that she has been having a lay in and who can blame her for she works so hard, I am so looking forward to the full effects of Spring..oh yes and I cannot forget to mention the Sun King has woken up too.

Well it's back to writing more scopes for magazines plus some hobby time so whatever you are up too enjoy the moments.

Rachel x

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