Friday, 14 December 2012

Yule Faeries

The Yule Faeries

Yule being the shortest day, but it is the time of year when we welcome back  the sun's powers, the earth becomes bare and looks a little lonely and nothing much grows within mother earth. We also get to witness it's rebirth in that there are seeds sleeping under the ground waiting until Ostara (spring) begins it's life, we bring into our homes evergreens such as Ivy a reminder of the enduring life of nature, Holly which gives protection and Mistletoe for fertility. The word Yule is known as “Sun Return” and the Goddess with the help of the faeries particularly the season fae The Yule Faeries work tirelessly to bring forth the light.

I want to introduce you to Christibelle and Felixius, these two faeries represent Yule and they have a important job to do, this is to help wintertime do it's job and they work alongside Jack Frost to help kill off any germs in the ground that could harm our plants and animals, to remind us of what Yule means and to bring us together at a time of year that is special within our hearts. They also keep in check everyone and that includes us faery humans are contributing to the upkeep of the mother earth while she snoozes.

Christibelle is a beautiful dark faery who wears a gown of crushed red velvet with silver ribbons and pieces of small clear quartz on her gown, her crown is decorated with Ivy, red & mistletoe berries, entwined with quartz and silver ribbons. She takes flight upon a small robin with the reddest chest you will ever see. She has such a generous nature but likes to see a balance of people giving and receiving, to her life is never one sided and she will help whenever there are any disputes to be resolved.

Felixius is a dashing faery dressed in the finest velvet suit of deep green with flecks of gold thread throughout, his crown is made from red berries, fir cones, holly and gold leaves which sit proudly upon his black hair. His chariot is made from gold and at the front is his trusty Blackbird. Felixius has a easy going feel to him, he loves laughter and during the winter months can often be found where laughter can be heard, he will do his best to guide families and friends together at this time of year.

Yule Faery Magick

To call upon Christibelle place a red cloth upon your faery altar, light a silver candle and place a few drops of Clove essential oil in a oil burner (please be careful when using oils & fire), next add some Ivy to the altar.

I call upon Christibelle the Yule faery,
to bring balance into my life,
guide those to me those who hold my heart,
let us come together in peace and in love,
to celebrate life, love and us,
Blessed be”

To call upon Felixius place a green cloth upon your altar along with a green candle, a few drops of the essential oil Cinnamon in a oil burner and Holly.

I call upon Felixius the Yule faery,
to bring family and friends closer together,
so that we may share in the laughter,
to bring about happiness and memories,
let us join our lives as one,
Blessed be”

You can make some wonderful items to represent Yule and the faeries which can be used to decorate your altar and your home. Make a faery circle (wreath) add Ivy, Holly, Mistletoe, apples, oranges, painted fir cones, how about holly & ivy painted clay shapes. Tie ribbon around your painted fir cones, attach a few belles and tie to a tree so when the wind blows the bells will ring. And the best idea of all........mixed spice cookies, don't forget to leave some out for the fae, they will go down a treat.

© Rachel Curtis (The Faery Enchantress) 2011


Miss Lady Lavender said...

Rachel, I always drift into the most magical, fantastical world as i read posts, I love it:) I'm learning so much x

The Faery Enchantress said...

Aw thank you my lovely, so pleased you enjoy my writing x