Sunday, 25 November 2012

De Clutter

Day 15

Over the years we collect items with the good intentions of using them but more often than not we put them to one side and they end up staying put, never being used.  I have this habit, I buy a book or oracle cards and get very excited not being able to wait to get home to take a look and that is as far as I get.

So I have been looking at my stash as I call them and have decided they need to go to good homes where someone can benefit from them, after all it is such a  waste for them to be sat on a bookshelf or inside a cupboard, this was not their purpose.  I do become attached to many of my items but this time I am going to be brave and will part with those that no longer serve me but hopefully will bring happiness and knowledge to others.

They do say that de cluttering is good for the soul and I do believe this, I feel such a release of stale energy and a renewed lease of life springs into action.  Why not try doing the same, you could gather all your items that are unwanted and invite friends over either as a swap item party or where you can sell your items.  Charity shops are always looking for peoples unwanted items or a school fete, whatever you decide the energies you build up will encourage you do de clutter the whole house!

Rachel x

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