Saturday, 24 November 2012


Day 14

What's this weather all about, seriously Mother Nature is having a bad hair day and no offense meant to her. At the moment here in the UK we are having weird weather, the sun is shining and hailstones are falling thick and furious so really not a good idea to be out in it ouch they do hurt.  We've had so much rain too, in the week I was waiting in my car and the heavens opened, it was so bad you couldn't see clearly and cars were going along at 5 miles an hour, plus going through the village was a nightmare as the main road had flooded.

The weather definitely seems different to when I was a child, back then we had Summer in summer and snow in Winter or maybe that was my view as a child.  I love snow and yep I know it can be a pain but I still get excited watching the first snowflake fall to Mother Earth, it wasn't too much fun the year before when it snowed so bad over night and I had to drive to work, I work in a hospital so we have to try to get in, scary was not the word, my car wouldn't stop at a junction and just kept on going as a car was approaching, luckily he managed to bring his car to a halt.  By the afternoon the snow had melted! typical lol.

I do love the weather just not floods, hurricanes etc, we need rain, sun and yes snow because snow is magick but we just need the correct balance so there are no disasters and everyone is safe, maybe a personal hair dresser for Mother Earth is needed.

Rachel x

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