Thursday, 15 November 2012

Who Are You Really?

Who Are You Really?

Day 7

You could say the internet has taken off just a bit and to be honest I love the way it enables people to connect with each other, I know I am grateful for social sites like Facebook as a lot of doors have opened for me and the best bit is I've made some wonderful friends and have been so lucky to have met some too at events like those in Glastonbury.

But who is the person behind a profile and are they real?  we really need to take care about information we post online especially private info such as never post your phone number, address and certain photos should be kept private, now I know it isn't up to me to tell you what to do and I'm not I just want you all to stay safe.  One situation that cropped up last year was a chap in America who messaged me wanting to talk because he was having problems, I was more than willing to chat via inbox but he wanted me to give him my phone number, I live in the UK can you imagine the cost plus I don't give out my phone numbers to strangers anyway he got verbally aggressive so I reported and blocked.  Ok so what trouble might I have gotten myself into if I had given him my number, could he be a scammer or who knows something worse.

Truth of the matter is we live in a society where there are people who are not who they say they are and we need to be alert which is why my profile on FB is now subscribe, yes it is full anyway but even if it wasn't subscribe would be the only option available because you have control over the posts, pictures, info they get to see.  If you are not sure about any profile don't add.

I'm not paranoid honestly lol and to those of you that are on my friends list, I really do appreciate our friendship and I love reading your posts.  Stay safe my friends.

Rachel x

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