Monday, 19 November 2012


Day 10


I love antiques always have because they have a history behind them whether sad or happy.  I particularly love family heirlooms that are passed down and they don't have to be the family jewels or silver either, for me it would be an item any item that was once owned by my ancestor.  I have some lovely crystal vases that I had when my Nana died a few years ago as well as some dresser ornaments and for me they are all heirlooms to be passed on to my children in due course.

So myself and my husband love antique fayres and we love to take care of items that maybe no one else wants.  We have quite a collection and this year saw us redecorating the living room, modern furniture would have cost us thousands but we decided to buy antique and we did, the pieces fit perfectly and look as if they were always meant to be there.  I love the energies that live within the wood, cloth, china etc, they ooze out when you touch them and you can catch a glimpse of a past life of theirs.

This weekend saw us at one of our favourite antique fayres where we bought the most beautiful mirror for our hallway, wood with fabric in amazing colors with wooden flowers, it whispered to us and so we took it home.  One item I bought holds a special place within my heart and that is the Victorian photo album filled with faces of souls long lost, no identities apart from 2 photos but I cannot bear to leave these souls in a shop so they live in my home where they are most welcome.

Rachel x

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