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Faery Roots

Faery Roots

The Faeries belong to a group known as the Elementals. The Elementals are made up of the four elements North~Gnomes, Air~Sylphs, South~Salamanders and West~Undines. Faeries are beautiful beings of Nature although it is said that they used to be fallen angels and they came to help Mother Earth but I think they are quite a blessing to our planet for they look after her well or at least they are trying hard to. They have been around for a very long time and many stories can be found upon the pages of books, they haven't always had a good write up either!.

My interest lays within the good fae and the tireless work they carry out, they always give and enjoy doing that but we too can give back to them and show how we respect and appreciate them. We first need to connect to the fae before we can carry out any work with them, I am going to set you upon a path of your own where you will gain the confidence to call upon them to guide you.

Firstly you can ground yourself by imagining roots coming from the soles of your feet and digging deep into Mother Earth's core, take the roots down to the centre until you find a point where you can wrap those roots firmly round a solid object such as a rock. Now the roots will make their way around the object and back up through the earth and around your ankles. You are now grounded and this is important for balance within ourselves. When you feel ready I want you to take yourself outside as this will be the best place to connect to the fae. Stand still and slow down your breathing all the while looking around you, you will feel drawn to one area, kind of like being pulled and you should follow this pull. Let it take you forward but always be aware of where you step! And eventually when you feel the place you are stood is the right place take a few moments to take it all in.

I want you to sit down upon the ground and cross your legs, place your open hands palm upwards upon your knees. It is important to listen to what is going on around you, everything will start to heighten in sound and colour. Close your eyes and take a deep breathe in and then exhale slowly. The fae will now be curious about you because you are doing something that they understand, you are taking time to connect your energies to your environment. So now is the perfect time to call them forward, speak from the heart and let your words flow with ease and if you want you can write it all down beforehand in case you forget and believe me it happens to us all! My words are just an example as I would encourage you all to discover your own spoken truths.

“I call upon the beautiful fae to come forward and bless me on this day,
Grace me with your presence and let us together discuss the way forward,
That you guide me and show me how to help nourish Mother Earth,
To show her the love and the support she requires in order to continue on.”
“I ask that you work alongside me giving me advice on the smaller issues,
Such as looking after my community, my environment,
Hold my hand and guide me towards a bright and successful future,
Together we can stand tall and spread the magick within to the world.”

Once you have finished and you feel ready to, stand up and thank the fae for listening and stepping forward, the fae do not really like to be thanked but I always do as it is polite, you can also leave them a offering of a little cake, milk......Do not get yourself down if you see, hear or feel nothing the first time for it may take a couple of tries, after all the fae want to check you out, to make sure your intentions are of love and light. I urge you to keep a Journal and in the meantime recycle, sow seeds, water the garden, tidy up litter as this will go towards your seriousness of helping Mother Earth flourish and more importantly have fun and involve the family.

Faery Blessings x


© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress
My article taken from the magazine "The Wand" 

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