Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Day 12


I love them! my Nana taught me to read from a very young age and boy was I hooked, she had a bookcase full of old books including childrens annuals but my favourite ones were the Catherine Cookson books.  This passion for reading grew as did I and the magick stayed with me.

Books are a very important part of childhood, they take us to a place where magick happens and where we can be the super hero, they allow us to follow our imagination.  I also think books continue to be just as important as we reach adulthood, they contain knowledge to nurture our souls and to guide us to places where we really need to be in order to love ourselves.

Of course there are books for everything you can possibly think of and I want to share some with you that I love and some books that I have waiting to be read.

Books I love

**Hazel Raven "The Angel Bible"

**Alicen & Neil Geddes Ward "Faeriecraft"

**Cassandra Eason "The Crystal Bible"

**Scott Cunningham "Solitary Witch" plus most of his books

**Kelley Armstrong

**Phillipa Gregory

**Alyson Noel

There are way too many to mention as I do like to read quite a lot of books.

Books on my to read list

**J Lyn Studebaker "Switching To Goddess"

**Tanis Helliwell "Take Your Soul To Work"

**Jeanne Achterberg "Woman As Healer"

I also have some books by some of the above authors waiting too.

Whatever you love to read just enjoy.

Rachel x

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