Thursday, 18 August 2011

Is Anybody There?

I have been doing what I love with a passion of late, although I do it on a regular basis for friends I have been given a wonderful opportunity, I should probably explain myself a little more.  You see I am a medium, I have been communicating with spirit since the tender age of 2, I joined a circle a few years ago and did around a year and a half training and it helped me a huge amount.  There are some things you need gently eased out of you and mediumship is one of those things.  It takes practice, dedication, time and love.  I was given the chance to go on the Rostrum at a spiritualist church, something I really enjoyed but I thought it would be scary stood on a platform with eyes peering up at you but you know it wasn't at all instead the passion kicked in and messages flowed.

Last week I was added as a admin to a group on Facebook, newly set up and dedicated to giving messages and readings to those who require them.  My passion was stoked once again and it's been a lovely time with brilliant feedback and the best part of it all is feeling the happiness and comfort from a relative on both sides!  I am also lucky to be a team medium for a Paranormal Investigation group "Thriller Nights" and we have  had many successful evenings and messages and of course it is always a pleasure to sit and chat with spirit from times long gone.

So when you hear the words "Is anybody there" you betcha there is,  all waiting to communicate with you.  So it's important to take time out from your daily doings and to put aside some time to do what drives you in your life.

The Faery Enchantress  

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