Sunday, 28 August 2011

A Creative Faery Wiccan

Good afternoon my lovely friends, hope your Sunday is going as well as Sunday's go.  Yesterday I decided I really should invest in a Elven cloth for my faery altar so took myself off to find one online only to discover a lot of faery coins were wanted for a cloth and some ink stains!.  This made me decide to make my own, I have felt, fabric, beads...........oh yes and patience......well just a smudge of patience.  You can now imagine the mess upon my floor! it's my little area known as the magick corner due to it being where the magick lives ready to inspire me, I have felt everywhere, little beads of many colours, needles, pins, more beads (must make sure I am careful where I plonk my bottom incase of sitting on a needle, not nice!).  My Elven star is now starting to sparkle which is always a good thing as the fae love sparkly things and I'm very pleased with my efforts.

The Elven star is given to those who wish to walk the faery pathway, I thought Queen Mab had given me mine but no it wasn't as she revealed to me later on, in fact the lovely Morgan Le Fay kindly put one in my hand and told me of it's many Gateways and how to use it.  She has become very familiar to me and works with me a lot teaching me many things.  Take time with your star my friends, there is so much more to it than first meets the eye, for instance the 7 gateways all represent something different, also you choose what points represent  your elements, kings & queens and you can add colours, crystals anything you feel drawn to.  Mine is still being worked on, there's no rush but I have my elements plus magick, the Sun King and the Moon Queen too.  So for example should I wish to work with the Moon Queen, I concentrate more on her gateway, giving her the attention more than the others.  This isn't to say they are less important just that I need the energy more from her.

Some of what I use to represent my gateways:


For me, what is important is us placing or in this case sewing our energies into homemade items, they become more personal and we appreciate them more.  Once my Star is finished I will set it up and take a picture for you.

Faery wishes to you all.


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