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Earth's Little Guardian's

A Introduction

I am going to introduce you to some magikal little beings of nature that have been around since time first began. You will find them upon the pages of many books, TV and most importantly within the lives of many children. We all remember stories from our childhood of the faeries at the bottom of our garden and the one which is still very popular with the little ones today, the tooth faery although not so popular among adults as we like to keep our teeth no matter how much the going rate is! My own adventures with the fae started very young, the colourful orbs I would see everywhere and Morgan le Fay a faery queen would often come and pay me a visit, we would talk for hours! She had the most beautiful hair which would hold my attention especially when we would go astral travelling as it would trail behind her, floating magikally. Morgan le Fay lived during Arthurian times and didn't have a very nice aura about her but something changed and she has spent her faery queen years continuing her work as a excellent healer. She still comes to visit me.

Faeries belong to a group known as the Elementals, these elementals are divided into four and represent the elements North~Gnomes, East~Sylphs, South~Salamanders and West~Undines. There are many sub categories but I will discuss these at a later date with you. The faeries are beings of nature, they have love and light within their hearts and spend their life dedicating time, love and a way forward in helping Mother Earth to flourish. They have a very important job to do and they do it well, they should do after all they have been around since time first began so they have had lots of practice. They are also known for their naughty sides as they do like to be playful, just like we have fun so do they. You may be gently poked in the back and upon turning round find no one there or your hair might be tugged with no culprit in sight, all harmless fun but they have a side to them that is one of seriousness, for they are here to help Mother Earth but to avoid being on the end of their fun wear a item of clothing inside out, preferably under garments so to avoid people staring or repeatedly stating you are wearing your dress/trousers inside out!. We have all noticed the changes within our planet over the years and the faeries need us to help them maintain a healthy balance upon our planet, let us think of ourselves as keepers of Earth where we take care of her and pass her over to future generations who will do the same. Many of us work alongside the faeries and may not even be aware we do, through recycling, sowing seeds, nurturing our soil, plants and looking after the wildlife we are in fact connecting to the little people.

Their appearance differs somewhat, they can appear as little orbs flitting about their business quietly and invisible. I often see floating orbs and they can appear day or night time, sometimes it 's as if they are dancing upon the breeze and are very mesmerizing to watch. And sometimes they appear small with pointed ears, wild hair, slightly protruding face, beautiful eyes, very nimble upon their feet but their appearance might be slightly different to your eye than to someone else for they are not out to frighten us so they tend to soften those features and reveal themselves to us in a way we would not feel the need to gasp and run a mile. They inhabit a world that lays entwined within ours, if you stretch out your arm then you are probably just touching upon the cusp of Faeland. The are able to pass through this thin veil with ease but with us humans it is not so easy as they do have enchantments to keep themselves hidden. There are portals where if you are lucky enough you can pass through but this is quite rare as again there is magick surrounding them, the best times to try would be sunrise and sunset. every tree holds the passage through to the other world and places that have a unique strangeness about them, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you come across it. We can through meditation and dreams be carried there upon the magick of our thoughts and will and this is far easier to try as you will be in the comfort of your own home, dry, warm and safe.

Faeries come in all shapes and sizes and are attached to nearly everything in nature. For every flower including weeds there is a faery, also for herbs, crystals, colours, seasons, trees etc. They take on the properties or the personalities if you like by fusing both energies together. This is where faery magick comes into play, it allows us to enhance the communication between us & our chosen faery and we can ask that they give guidance to us and also a way forward. I will be showing you more on the faery magick soon. It is easy enough to do and done in love and light.

This is just a tiny part of the fae and their lives, I have so much faery knowledge to share with you all such as the faery magick, how to connect to them & mother earth, celebrating the festivals with them, meditations, faery altars plus useful tips that will serve you well in your encounters such as never accept food or drink from the faeries, you will be trapped in faeland until they decide it is time for you to leave, as tempting as that may seem we have a balanced and grounded life to live upon our own land, I always take my own stash of food, egg sarnies and a flask of tea. A little faery task for you, choose yourself a journal, a book of enchantment, each day write down your thoughts, may want to fill the pages with poems or stories and add drawings. Make this your private space where you can connect to the fae for they will be drawn to your inner voice as if it were a beacon of light and within a few days of writing you may start to notice something going on around you, a small dot of light, a giggle from no source, the urge to walk in the woods all of these are the known way of the fae to bring you closer to them and their world, the more you invite them into your heart the more you will see the magick.

So until we meet again my lovely friends may the faeries bless your day with hugs, love, kisses and lots of wishes.

The Faery Enchantress x

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