Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Angel Magick

Angel magick works in a similar way to my faery magick in that we are connecting to certain Archangels for guidance. You can of course connect to any angel you feel drawn to but here I will show you how I call upon some of the archangels for assistance. By using this type of communication we are taking time and making preparations on a deeper level because we can of course at any time, place and without any tools call upon the angels and they will come to us.

Angel Magic is about enhancing the communication on a deeper level between you & your chosen angel. You should have the right atmosphere & be in the correct frame of mind when making an affirmation. Lighting a candle always sets the mood, choosing a crystal that has properties you are asking your specific angel for will help to strengthen your affirmation. To ask for something is important to & the way in which we ask, be specific. And always remember to thank your angel.

It may be a good idea to set up a angel altar, it can be small or big with items that you feel drawn to being placed upon it. You can lay a piece of cloth down with angel ornaments, sentimental items, photos, incense etc. Just keep a little space upon your altar for your angel magick tools. I lay my cloth down and place a candle and gem upon it, I light the candle and take a moment to gather my thoughts and to relax. My affirmation I usually write down but you don't have to do this. Keep your affirmation straightforward and to the point because it is really easy to become side tracked even to the point of wondering what to cook for tea! it does happen!. It is entirely up to you how you set up an altar and how you perform your angel magick, you will find a way that works for you and this is just how I work.

Archangel & Angel Magick

Archangel Michael~ The angel of protection, light a blue candle and the crystal Lapis Lazuli can be used. This gem is excellent for psychic protection, inspires trust from others, brings contentment and is good for animals who are highly strung.

Archangel Gabriel~The angel of arts & communication, light a purple candle and place the crystal purple fluorite by the side. This gem is perfect for writing, presentations, learning, interviews, exams etc. Amethyst could also be used to inspire thoughts/ideas.

Archangel Jeremiel~When you need guidance to change your life and make it positive, he will help with clairvoyance & prophetic visions and will help you to interpret psychic dreams. Place a silver candle with moonstone by its side and make your affirmation.

Jeremiel is the Archangel who review's our lives with us after we've crossed over. He is also able to do this for us while we're still living, helping us to review our life up till now so we can correct the wrongs we've done by making positive adjustments. Through this, he's able to help us make life changes, making us stronger and lead us to the right path.

Jeremiel also helps us with clairvoyance and prophetic visions, and helps us to interpret psychic dreams.

Archangel Uriel~ When you need a solution that is practical and will work for your situation call upon Archangel Uriel. You won't know that he has given you a solution for you will think the idea was yours as he is extremely subtle. Light a White candle and place clear quartz by the side to enhance truth, unblock energies, increases your clarity of thought.

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