Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Faery Magick

I have been working alongside the fae for some years now and at first I was not aware of who this guiding light was until a faery revealed to me that it was the fae I was connecting to. I have been involved with faery magick for a little while and it has brought me so much joy that I want to share some of my work with you.

Faery Magick is about enhancing the communication between you & your chosen faery. You should have the right atmosphere & be in the correct frame of mind when making an affirmation. Lighting a candle always sets the mood, choosing a crystal that has properties you are asking your specific faery for will help to strengthen your affirmation. To ask for something is important to & the way in which we ask, be specific.

It's best to use flowers/leaves/herbs etc that are already laying upon the ground but if you cannot find what you are looking for then before you gently take a flower/leaf/herb etc from the keeper of what you need, its important to always ask that particular faery first, offer them a blessing and a gift to replace what it is you require. You can offer them a gift of whatever you like such as a pebble, flowers, already fallen fruit, cake etc. It's important to show respect for mother nature and all that live within her so only take what you need and do it with love.

You can do faery magick indoors or outdoors, either way you can if you like dedicate a space for a faery altar. You don't need anything fancy, a piece of cloth, candles, pebbles, water, faery trinkets etc or you can just have the few items needed for the affirmation you will perform. You will over time find your own way on doing things which is what it is all about.

Daffodil Faeries

Daffodil Faeries~As spring rapidly approaches us, the warmth and happiness that the lovely Daffodil faeries ooze, will help to bring about a new start to your life. They can give you guidance upon a path you may wish to walk. They will also help you to realize your full potential by way of dreams. The daffodil faery will show you just how beautiful you are. x

To call upon these faeries, a yellow candle is required, a daffodil and the gem amber, arrange them to your liking and then say your affirmation.........."I call upon the guidance of the Daffodil Faeries..............fill in the dots with whatever words you feel drawn to saying, let them flow from your heart and mind. Always remember to thank your faery.

This is just one of many pieces of faery magick I have in my faery & Elemental journal. I hope that you enjoy and spend many years connecting with the faeries, they have so much to teach us. Look out for more on faeries and elementals. x
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