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Preparing For Magick

Preparing For Magick

Preparation is just as important as the actual performing of the magick, infact I would say it is a smudge more important. We need to be focused upon what we are about to do so here are a few tips on what you can do to make sure there is a balance of emotions.

1. You need to be in the correct frame of mind before performing any kind of Magick and one of the best ways to do this is to set the mood, run a warm bath and add a few drops of either Rosemary or Lavender essential oil for cleansing. We need to get rid of any negative energies that may be clinging to our skin from the day's events, the vapour from the oil will also swirl up from the water and will infuse within our mind cleansing all thoughts. 

These will also help you to focus and relax while in the bath, light some candles white for protection and purple for power, you will be drawing power/strength from within when performing Magick. You can place around the bathroom some crystals, choose ones such as Clear Quartz or Tigers eye or whatever you feel drawn to. (very important~please check to see if you can use these oils via a doctor as you cannot use them during pregnancy, high blood pressure etc and never ever swallow any oil).

2. Think about what items of clothing you may want to wear, a cloak may make it all feel that extra bit special or you may have one outfit that you keep just for this. Don't forget that you are preparing to connect to mother earth, nature, a god, goddess so you want to feel positive and dressed for the part.

3. Use a singing bowl to cleanse the room you are using or a smudge stick. I do not do to well with the smudge as I have asthma and it affects it slightly so be aware if you have others in the room. Prepare a affirmation asking for protection and cleansing of the room as well as your Besom.

4. Play some music that is appropriate for your work, there are so many lovely new age cd's available, the music will soften any external noises and will set the mood to one of calm and seriousness as you will begin to get into the zone so to speak.

5. Place a jug of water and some cups nearby in case of a dry throat, it does happen!.

6. Now you can prepare to set up your altar and work your Magick.

Of course this is just a guide, how you prepare is up to you. Making your Magick an occasion will be showing not only yourself but those you connect to that you are serious, that your heart works in love, light and above all "harm ye none", we are not here to work anything other than good. So enjoy your Magick and all that comes before it.

Faery Blessings

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