Friday, 28 October 2011

Essential Oils Used In Spiritual Work

Essential oils have been around and in use for thousands of years all over the world. From Egyptian hieroglyphics to chinese manuscripts, we learn their priests and physicians used oils in everyday life. They were used in rituals, sickness/illness and embalming etc. Today we also use them for for our emotional well being, there are many different oils to suit most emotions through inhalation.

Using Oils For Spiritual Work

We can use essential oils when carrying out our spiritual work, these oils will help enhance our emotions and connections with spirit. Below are a few basic oils and their properties to get you started.

Bergamot, Cedarwood & Ylang Ylang~ These 3 oils will help you to concentrate and to put focus on the task at hand which is great for a busy mind. They will help those of us who lack confidence whether in our work, meeting new people etc.

Frankincense~Use this oil if you want to cleanse the area you are working in, also used to link in with spirit, it helps to open the connection as well as giving us protection. Brilliant for getting those creative juices flowing!.

Lavender~If you want to bring about a calm and inner peace then this is a great oil to use. Perfect for use in class when there are lots of energies.

How To Use Via Inhalation

Essential oils can be used in many ways, here i will explain about some of their most popular uses. Let the aromas fill the room you are using and as you breathe them in you will feel them working on your emotions.

Oil Burners~Place some water in the bowl compartment and add 1-9 drops of your chosen oil. The heat from the candle warms up the water and oil to release the aroma.

Room Spray~ Perfect if like me you cant use the air fresheners. Fill a new plant spray bottle with warm water and add your oil, 4-6 drops of oil to 280ml of water. Shake before each use. I use this as a air freshener, carpets, curtains, even smelly shoes. Avoid wood and always do a test patch first.

Radiator~ I place a couple of drops of oil on a cotton wool ball and place on my radiator so the heat warms up the oil.

Humidifier~Simply add 1-9 drops of oil to the water.

How to keep your oils safe

How you store your oils is very important, you must make sure the bottle caps are closed correctly and store away from sunlight and heat. Also keep away from children and pets and be responsible when using oil burners.

It is important to consult your doctor or qualified aromatherapist before using oils on yourself, pregnant and breast feeding woman must be careful as well as those who suffer high blood pressure and other medical conditions. 

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S.L. Pierce said...

This is a little off topic but I am actually using Peppermint oil right now to try and drive mice out of my house. I hear they hate the smell. I'm really enjoying it though!

The Faery Enchantress said...

Peppermint has a lovely aroma, I think you either like it or hate it lol but if it works in keeping the mice at bay then yay for peppermint, mice are cute but not when they are running riot and leaving a mess in your home. Let me know if it works angel x