Friday, 5 August 2011

How To Read Oracle Cards

There are quite a few ways in how to read cards, what is important is that you find a way that you enjoy. There are no "this is how you have to do it" ways. Tarot cards are different so I am only to going to tell you about the angel etc cards.

Choosing a pack of cards~You will find that you are drawn to one pack in particular, you may feel a strong energy/pull when you are near or hold your hand over them, you will just know the right ones for you, it may you a some time before you find the right ones.

First time out of the box/packet~I always take them out of the pack and will shuffle them for a few days so that my energies are infused within their energies, don't forget that we both have to get used to each other. I then leave a crystal quartz on top of the pack for as long as I feel is necessary to cleanse and charge them up. You can keep your cards in a organza/velvet pouch or maybe you have a favourite piece of fabric, you could could either wrap them up in or make into a pouch.

Protection~As with any spiritual work carried out, it is important you ask for protection. I always call upon Archangel Michael to protect myself, my cards and the surrounding area. You can also imagine a white cloak covering your whole being or maybe stepping inside a bubble of protection. We have to make sure that we don't allow negative energies in.

Grounding~It is very important to ground ourselves before we work with spirit. We want to feel and be anchored to earth, we want to be safe. If we do not ground ourselves what happens usually is that we begin to feel dizzy and spaced out, we will not have that connection and balance within ourselves. Grounding allows us to become calm and to collect our thoughts, emotions and to stabilize them. There are many ways to ground yourself, I use many different techniques but a popular one is to close your eyes, imagine a white light that comes in through your crown (top of head), pull this light energy down through your whole body until it reaches your feet, here the energy will penetrate mother earth and will burrow deep within her, your energy will find a strong rock which to wrap itself around. Your energy will now make its way back up through the earth and back into your feet, up through your body, back out through your crown and the white light will surround your whole being. You are now grounded.

Spirit guides/angels~If you are unsure of your guide then you can call upon the assistance of the angels. Either way ask that they come forth, don't be afraid to ask them for guidance as well as protection. Ask them to communicate through the cards. If you receive a message or piece of information and would like a little more on it, again ask them. Always thank your guides and angels for their help and be respectful.

Reading for yourself~I shuffle the cards and will pick one that I feel a pull towards. I turn over the card and usually pick up a feeling or will hear but its very short as I find it quite hard to psychically/clairvoyantly pick up messages etc for myself so normally I combine what i pick up with the affirmation on the card. You can also shuffle the pack whilst thinking of a question or leave it to chance, the uncanny thing is that no matter what you do the angels seem to know and the card is appropriate.

Reading for others~The person if you are face to face with should shuffle the cards, I then have them choose a number of cards, each card or line of cards needs to represent the past, present and future, unless its a question they want answered and you are only using the one card. Its very important when reading for others that when the messages/information comes through you word it appropriately, sensitive issues are inappropriate to voice such as knowing someone will pass over, illnesses etc this is something I would never mention so please be aware of the information received by yourself.

As you become more used to the cards, you will find everything starts to flow more easily and your confidence will bloom. Try to use the booklet that comes with the pack as little as possible, you could read the card and then see what the book says but importantly it will be your take, your insight that will in the end make you as the reader. Practice makes progression. This is just the way I do mine and may not be the right way for you, the only way to find out which is your way is to read them and practice. Keep a journal and record all your readings, in a few months read back over and see the progress you have made. x

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