Friday, 5 August 2011

8 Ways To Connect To The Angels

8 Ways To Connect.

  1. Poetry~What a great way of communicating with your guardian angel by putting pen to paper. It can be easier for us to pour all our emotions/wishes/hopes etc onto paper. Begin by sitting comfortably with soft music, oil burner, candles and anything else that will help you to become focused. The poem should come from the heart so let the pen flow, don't worry if it doesn't rhyme or is a short poem because your angel will hear your thoughts and will tune into your energies whilst writing, you will become a beacon of light which will draw your angel closer. 

  2. Angel Garden~Your garden can be a special place where you go to sit and meditate or to just relax. It could be space where you can communicate out loud or within your mind the choice is yours. By sitting or working there you can connect. Your angel loves nature so why not invite them into your garden by planting flowers, shrubs, herbs, ornaments, a water feature, wind chimes etc. Don't worry if you only have a balcony, a few flower pots will still do the trick.
  1. Angel Writing~Similar to the poetry but you get a reply!. For this you need to be focused and comfortable in your surroundings. Start your letter “Dear angel” and then write about how you are feeling at this moment in time, maybe you need some guidance etc, whatever it is let it flow from your pen. Then, without stopping or reading what will be written put your pen to the paper, blank your mind and let your hand start writing. Your angel will then communicate through you and the words upon the paper will be your angels and not your words/thoughts. It may sound a little difficult at first but it really isn't, you'll be surprised at what Is on the paper once you stop.  I was totally blown away the first time i did this, the response from my angel was what started my journey alongside them.

4) Angel Secret Box~Choose a box, it may be the colour, design that attracts you. Next write something on a piece of paper, it may be that you need strength for a hospital treatment or a trip to the dentist, you may want a sign as guidance for that decision you need to make etc. Once written put it inside and close the lid, say to the angels "My wish has been placed inside" (you can say whatever it is you feel comfortable saying), place the box back where you always keep it for the angels will come to read your wish.

5) Meditation~There are many meditation cd's out there, you will need to find one that sits right with you. If you have a guided cd this may be easier for you at the start, they will connect you and your angel, talking you through each step. Later on when you feel ready, you can just play soothing music and let your inner voice guide you to your angel. You can be sat on a beach on a warm day or take a stroll in the park when meeting up with your angel for a good chat, ask them anything you want to.

6) Artwork/Dance~Another powerful way of communicating with angels is through your pieces of art and it does not matter if like me you can only draw match stick people, the colour, the content, the thought and love you put in to it will light the way for the angels, the same with dance, the angels will see you dancing for them, all the emotion that will pour out your very being will become a magnet.

7) Angel Altar~It can be small/large, chest of draws, table etc, your angel altar is completely up to you. Some of the items i have upon mine are candles, crystals, angel ornaments, items made by my children, again you can put upon the altar what you feel drawn to. I usually stand before it in the morning, close my eyes and call upon the angels, they hear and feel our voices and thoughts. You can make an affirmation if you like. The altar will build up a wonderful energy that is full of love, peace, i guess you could say its that special place where you can say thank you also to the angels.

8) Dreams~Each night when i go to bed i call upon my angels to come to me in my dreams, to take me on a journey. The journey of course is up to you, sometimes i love to be soaring through the night sky whilst holding the hand of an angel. Its a beautiful experience.

It's important to ask our angels for help/guidance or even just a hug, the spiritual law is that we have to ask. Equally important is to thank them x

© The Faery Enchantress

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