Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How To Meet Your Guides (Angel, Faery, Elemental etc)

We all have a guide or two that work with us and sometimes we are aware of them and sometimes we are not.  You might know the signs that someone is with you such as the hairs on your neck or arm raising, a popping in the ear, a coldness, a fragrance in the air but this is how far it goes and you want to know more.

Whether it is a new guide in the shape of a soul who used to walk this Earth, an angel, faery, elemental, animal etc you can use the same technique to connect, see, converse with them and it is so simple too.  Meditation is wonderful for many reasons and what better way to connect.

I like to play some music in the background, any music that you feel has meaning for you is good, not too loud though and then get yourself comfortable on the bed and relax.

In my mind I always ask first for the company of my guide and I then proceed to picture a place where I want to be so you could picture a beach, woodlands, mountain, cave, sea etc and just imagine you are walking there, take in the surroundings, the smells, the weather......then find yourself somewhere to sit comfortably and ask your guide to come forward and sit with you.

Do not rush or push yourself, your guide will come to you when you are ready and it may take a few tries over a few weeks before it will fall into place and that is ok.  When the time is right and your guide steps forward ask them to sit with you, talk to them and ask whatever questions you feel you want to know.  I like to ask them about their journey, about their life, their name....take in their looks, clothes, smile, their voice......

When you feel you have to leave just thank them, ask them to meet you here again soon and also ask them to connect to you when you need them.  One of two things will then happen, either you will awaken from the meditation and carry on with the day or you'll fall asleep, there's no danger in meditation after all when we go to bed to sleep we tend to relax and play out scenarios and eventually we drift off to sleep.

Keep a journal if you want to and record all your experiences, looking back over them in a year or so can be quite interesting but most of all enjoy the time spent in a magikal place with those who are special to you of another world.

Rachel x


Anna Jeanine said...

This is perfect, Rachel! Just shared it all over the place. :)

Rachel Curtis said...

Thank you so much Anna, I really do appreciate it and glad you enjoyed it x