Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Cleansing/Purifying Herbs (Spellwork)

Herbs are such an important part of your magick, the properties within those herbs can help your spell go that little further and can help to bind the spell together.  When we use magick we want to use tools that will enhance the spell, make it stronger so tools such as herbs infuse their intentions into your work, making it more stronger.

Fresh herbs are at their strongest and you can grow them in your garden or home and there are two options, use them fresh or dry them,  you can buy dried herbs from a shop/online (I buy mine at the moment as I haven't the room for the drying process, bought them online).  It's important you keep them labelled with the name and the property.  I would also suggest you invest in a book of herbs so you know which ones are poisonous/harmful as you really want to stay well away from those ones, a good book such as Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs will tell you everything about the herb, magikal properties etc.

Thyme, Peppermint, Wood Betony and Rosemary are excellent herbs for cleansing not only yourself but your tools and altar space, you can sprinkle them over the altar or you can burn as a incense (in the mentioned book Scott tells you how to use as a incense, he also has a rather excellent book Oils & Incense which has many recipes and is rather handy to have) It's important to get things right when using oils, herbs etc to burn and you should above all think about safety to you so I highly recommend a good book)


Dannii Martin said...

Herbs are such an important part of my live. I really couldn't do without them.

Paulette Romero said...

I need more herbs in my life. I certainly do not have enough. Thanks!

Rachel Curtis said...

Hiya Dannii and Paulette, I agree, more herbs please lol x