Monday, 12 August 2013

Is That Autumn I Can Smell?

I wondered the other day why I could detect a faint smell of Autumn in the air after all it is the height of Summer isn't it? warm and muggy days with blue skies and no clouds with a basking sun so I was puzzled let me explain why.   I always seem to be months behind with my inner body season clock even though I pick up the signs a month or so before, once we've entered a season I tend to stay there for far more months than it should last and maybe that is wishful thinking but I think it is down to the fact that time whizzes by without so much as a "excuse me please while I pass you"

So why am I surprised at this faint smell of Autumn after all next month we say goodbye to Summer as my husband pointed out, my reaction was I want more warm weather first, more visits to the beach before I feel I can say goodbye for another year but time waits for no one so I guess I must get used to the idea.

But there's something exciting about seeing in a new season and I love asking the kids to breathe in the air and tell me what they smell and yep the responses at first were quite funny but I do feel it is important that they are aware of the changing seasons and what comes with them.  Now I love Autumn with a passion, always have so the very fact that my flowers are all starting to die back along with a dead leaf smell mixed with conkers is telling me something is going to happen and soon.

I shall prepare next month with a Autumn/Mabon altar, a few offerings, a party for the family, a spell and then reflect on the Summer before looking forward to what the coming months bring.

Rachel x

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