Saturday, 23 April 2011

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day, it reminds us to put our focus on mother earth.  A lot of us care for mother earth but sometimes it is nice to sit back and to reflect upon what we are doing to help and what more we can do.  It is important we look after her, not only for ourselves but for future generations to come.  There are many ways in which we can do our bit, recycling bottle, clothes, paper etc, making sure our environment is clean and safe, our seas, lakes are not polluted, animals are cared for and kept safe, planting more into the earth such as flowers, trees and our own veg, teaching our children to be Eco.

The Faeries and Elementals are nature beings, they are here to work in harmony with our mother earth and they are doing a great job but need us to help out.  By planting flowers, herbs you are connecting to the fae, by respecting the earth you are showing your love and dedication not only to fellow people but to the fae as well.  Let us all do our little bit, we can make one change and that will go a long way to ensuring the well being of our world.  Once we take one step we will begin to take more, you will enjoy it I promise you.

Clothes are a great way of recycling, alter a outfit, add sparkle to it or swop with a friend for something she/he is fed up of.  Broken jewellery can be fixed and made into another piece. 

Tyres are great for growing herbs in as are old wellies.  If you have a old tin watering can try painting it with bright colours and use for plants.  A worn looking bench in the garden can also be painted, new planks of wood can be added and the old can if rotten be burned in a chimnea.  Lollypop sticks once cleaned can be used as herb markers.

There are loads of items that with a little thought can be recycled and it's fun.  So lets join together and make a difference for each day of our lives. x

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