Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Garden Gnomes

This evening was one not to be missed by being outside.  The sun confident in the sky shining down on mother earth and helping the garden to grow.  So my border was half finished and aching to be completed not the only thing to be aching! boy do my back and other muscles ache but it was worth it for the near end result.  I have a beautiful array of shrubs & flowers planted all with the help of the Earth Elementals known as the Gnomes.  They like to take a nose and see what it is you are doing when your armed with a trowel, shovel, and rightly so as this is their territory and they need to make sure you are treating it with love & respect.  So while your working away you get the feeling that you are being watched and you know it's not a neighbour!, you turn towards where you think there is someone but there is no one and you carry on.  After a while you quite enjoy the company even though you can't physically see anyone you can feel that presence and it feels comforting.

The Earth Elementals have tuned into your energies and can sense you are proud of what you have achieved so far, unbeknown to you they have been willing you to carry on in the garden with your project, they have been wandering around you closer than you can imagine to get a closer look and they are pleased.  Connecting to our Gnomes is quite easy, being out in the woods, garden will bring you closer to them which is great because you can then learn how to work with them.  As evening approaches the Air Elementals, the Sylphs are changing shift work and with them they bring gnats! so it's time to call it a night and relax with a glass of well earned wine, I'm all for sharing so the Gnomes are left a offering of milk, not the same as wine I know but honestly....have you seen a tipsy Gnome! 

Faery Blessings x

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