Sunday, 24 April 2011

To Dream Or Not To Dream That Is The Question

Faery Blessings my lovely faeries & Elementals, I do hope I find you well and happy at this moment in time.  A question was put to me today and I thought I would share it with you.  I was asked how safe is it to visit the Realm of the Fae and when is the best time to do so, a good question!.

To visit the Realm of the Fae and other Elementals is  magical and wonderful, a special time for us so I feel the best times to be transported there are through our dreams and meditation, a time when our body and minds are rested and we are in that "dreamlike" world.  I will give you some guidance on how to achieve safe visits but be aware that you won't always be able to have access to Faeland, it can be hit and miss, they do like their privacy alot and where they will welcome you they will also be glad when you leave! they don't mean it nasty but there's only so much awe, chatter & questions they can take and they do have work to do!.

Before flying off anywhere it is in your best interest to read up on grounding & protection.  You may think well why do I need this when asleep or when half asleep with the meditation but at these times we can be at our most vunerable.  Grounding makes us steady on our feet, it gives us a anchor with which to clasp to so that we stay firmly grounded to mother earth, if we don't do this then we can experience dizziness, a feeling of floating and not being in control and we can be taken to places we don't wish to visit.  So.....imagine a beautiful white light that starts at your head and works it's way down your body covering every inch, then the light moves out of your feet and penetrates mother earth, the light goes deeper and deeper until it finds a rock of incredible strength and the light wraps itself around the rock and then heads back up to your feet, you are now grounded.

For protection you can call upon whomever you like such as Archangel Michael, Queen Mab, your spirit guides etc, ask them for the protection and imagine them stood before you with their arms outstretched towards you, from their arms a blue light reaches out to you and surrounds you completely.  Of course there are many other ways to ground and protect, find a way that works for you.

Before going to sleep or meditation you need to ask for the Faerie of Dreams (this will work for the meditation as well) to come to you when the moment is right and that you want to visit the Realm of the Fae.   Don't feel cheated if you cannot remember a thing in the morning, it happens a lot, bit like when you go out on a saturday night! within your subconscious all the details are there and eventually you will have little triggers go off and you will get the feeling that you have felt, heard, seen Faeland.  Keep a journal to record anything that comes to you.  Always important to thank the Fae the following morning by leaving them some milk, honey or cake!

We work with the Fae and Elementals on a daily basis in our world as we all walk the same mother earth at the same time.  They have work to do just like us, we may be in the woods looking for wood, sowing seeds in our garden, swimming in the sea, we cannot ignore them for everywhere you look you will see, feel, hear them.  At these times we do not visit Faeland but instead they come to us here upon our mother earth where we embrace, love, learn and work together.

I do hope this helps to guide you in the right direction.


The Faery Enchantress x

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