Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Beauty Of Magick

The beauty of magic is that it lives within us and has since our soul was first born. Our soul collects the magick discovered over the many centuries, magick that in your previous life you worked with or were around and stores it away, you may not remember within your mind magick from a very long time ago but your heart will because it connects on a deeper level to your soul.  

How many times have you been preparing to perform some magick but you are finding it a slight struggle to bring it all together.  Something doesn't feel right, whether it is the ingredients, words or layout it just ain't happening but something all of a sudden takes over when you feel like walking away for a while and you have no idea where this surge of information comes from and before you know it just like automatic writing there you have it, your piece of magick that has flowed from your heart through your mouth, hand or pen.  It can happen so fast too and this is your heart and soul connecting, looking, putting together, making it all work for you.

Magick sits well with our senses, you can feel, see, hear, smell & just know it.  Magick is also unique to each one of us, we can share our knowledge which I feel is important, learning always is but more than that we can come together and unite for the love and positive we need in our lives.  We might feel drawn to another's magick but maybe there is a herb that doesn't sit well with you so you change it for another, or you are not keen on putting broken shards of glass in a jar outside the front door for protection so you opt for a pot of Thyme both will work because it is the intention you have infused into it.  Our thoughts, our spoken words are a very strong influence, their energies travel a long way, around the world, to another universe but they are out there and for some time if not forever.

Magick books written by another and are shared are a great way of gaining more knowledge, also the magick will become stored for when you require it, I have a few books that tell you about the properties of herbs, oils, crystals, flowers etc that I wouldn't be without.  But sometimes we need a Book Of  Magick that is personal, secret and just for personal use for there is something powerful within that piece of magick that for whatever reason will only work for you, maybe our blood, sweat and love has soaked themselves into a particular piece of magick.  

Magick doesn't have to be complicated or confusing but it does need to be worked responsibly and always for light.  We never cause harm, hurt or deliver darkness to another...why? because that is abuse of your soul and causing others to suffer will be returned upon where it was sent from. 

Bring magick into your life, get a feel for how best you can work with it and it you, practice, learn, share, experiment, enjoy and respect it's power the Gods, Goddesses you call upon, Mother Earth and of course you.

Rachel x

© Rachel Curtis 11/1/12

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