Thursday, 12 January 2012

Wings & Colour Healing

Wings & Colour Healing

I believe that we are all born with wings and some of the reasons for this are balance, to have lift, to gradually soar until we reach a place that works for us. The balance of the wings is to keep us upon our feet, upright and steady as that is a must have foundation, it's where we can draw upon our strength to get us moving forward. As with every new venture in life a lift to just get us started is always a positive, it can be hard on times to just put your feet on that pathway so if we can have a little lift at the beginning it can help with our confidence and set us on our way. We all soar and all at different heights, doesn't mean anyone is better just that we all learn at various speeds and everyone has a place where they feel at home, we need those wings to travel around and to help us arrive at many places and to bid farewell when the time is right.

Broken wings need time to mend, they need nurturing, lots of love and attention and above all rest. If you feel like your wings are not working, causing you sadness, feel heavy or need repairing then take your time and make the adjustments needed after all, the faeries didn't build their realm in one day and no one least of all you should expect immediate results when time will be the healer.

One of the ways to help your wings heal is to use what I call “Wing Colour Healing” and
this works by letting energies seep into your wings. We will work with a few of the Queen faeries who will help us. They will present themselves to you as you and they will look exactly how you imagine them to look.

I want you to sit comfortably and close your eyes. You want to have your wings feeling as free as possible, let them hang down or fan out.

Call upon Faery Queen Selene, Queen of the Moon. She may help to cleanse your wings of any negativity that may cling there and will unblock stale energies. As she draws near a white bubble embraces your whole being, millions of white little orbs gently fall from the top of the bubble and embrace your wings. Feel the orbs go deep within and start cleansing.

Next call upon Faery Queen Mab, she may offer you protection against un wanted energies as well as binding the tongues of those who speak untruths. A blue bubble embraces you and from above the lovely orbs fall and coat your wings, going within and joining forces with a protective shield.

Faery Queen Caelia comes to you and she may help to heal the heart of any matter. She embraces you with her pink bubble and as the pink orbs fall they are pulled into your wings, they flow and as they do the pink goes a lovely deep shade. You can feel the love she offers you.

Last of all we call Faery Queen Argante who may bring to you healing. She will help to connect the wings to our soul as this is where the healing needs to be sent. She sends to you a green bubble that surrounds you and you can see the green orbs trickling down like raindrops as they enter your wings, you can feel those orbs then make their way to your soul.

We then thank them for coming to us. You may need to do this a couple times a week for as we know mending our broken wings takes time so no need to rush. I would suggest a journal where you can document your emotions as you begin to notice changes within you over the next few weeks. Once you start feeling better I would once every 6 months bring in these energies as a kind of top up.

I do work with the colour faeries and also the Faery King's but that's another meditation.


Please please do not try flying for real, you might only jump off the ground a few inches but might land with an awful bump, our wings cannot physically carry us off the ground or help us to fly. If you are feeling unwell then you must go and see your doctor, it is always best to get professional advice, the healing you ask for here is a spiritual healing only and is not intended to replace medicines or doctors. If you need protection against someone who is bullying you then always tell someone you can trust, don't suffer in silence, there are people who can help you.

© Rachel Curtis/The Faery Enchantress 12/1/12  


Kourtney said...

Love your ideology on the wings! Wonderful post!

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The Faery Enchantress said...

Aw thank you Kourtney, much appreciated.

It's lovely to link up to PPBH too.

Faery blessings

Rachel x