Sunday, 3 June 2012

Elemental Magick (Leprechauns)

The faeries are a part of a big group known as the Elementals to which there are 4 sections, North, East, South & West. I wrote more on the Elementals in one of my previous article's “Earth's Little Guardians”. For me they all play an important part in our lives so for this month's article I want to share some of their magick with you as there are times in our life when we need guidance or to know that we can call out to and share our burdens with those who will not judge.

Leprechauns & Money
I love working with the Leprechauns and yes they really do exist. Leprechauns are Irish fae and are so grumpy but I can understand this as I think I would be too if everytime a Rainbow showed in the sky people began looking for my stash of gold. There are ways of bringing a smile to a Leprechauns face and that is with chocolate money, they are partial to the sweet stuff and it sparkles gold. The one thing to remember when working with the Leprechauns is that they don't like to give more than you need so no matter how often you ask you are not likely to win millions but rather enough to pay a outstanding bill or to buy a much needed pair of shoes.

Perform The Magick
Pot plant & soil/compost
Green candle
Aventurine x 3
Mint seeds

Magick Words
“I ask the Leprechauns to bless each beautiful Aventurine,
I ask the Leprechauns to bless the seeds that are Mint,
As each one is infused with the magick of prosperity
and are buried wthin the soil of Mother Earth,
I ask that silver or gold grows within my purse
at this time of need,
I thank you for your blessing.

This piece of magick is great for out doors so take a plant pot of your choice and fill with soil/compost. Place in the centre a green candle and light (I would use a thick one as they won't fall over). Place your Aventurine and herb seeds to your left hand side. Now get yourself comfortable and take a few deep breaths to clear away any stale energies of the day. As you say the magick (above) out loud take the seeds and plant around the candle, the gems should be placed in the soil but nearer to the edges of the pot. Take your time with this magick and if you have to repeat the words a few times then so be it, magick should never be rushed.

Once finished you should find a suitable area outside for your pot where your mint can flourish and if you want to you can leave the candle in the pot until the herb has grown a little. You can use this magick only a few times during the year otherwise you will be spending all your money on the items and will be overrun with mint! And don't panic when the mint dies back, this doesn't mean your finances will too.

You can of course just light a green candle and ask the Leprechauns to bestow upon you the gift of siver & gold when you really need it, this is a quicker and less expensive way for those times when you don't feel the ceremony above is required. Please be aware that performing magick doesn't guarantee the outcome you have asked for, magick either works or it doesn't and that's the truth of it. I won't dress it up in prettiness but sometimes there are lessons we need to learn along the way and by magick always giving it could mean we do not learn those lessons the way we should but enjoy performing the magick as there is for sure a element of surprise to be found and a connection to the Elementals.

Don't forget to give the Leprechauns a offering, the chocolate gold coins will go down a treat.

Leprechaun blessings one and all.

Rachel x

Article taken from May edition "Silent Voices" magazine


Korisa said...

Thanks!! Turns out I have a leprechaun sharing my space. I have just performed your ritual, in what looks like a pot for gold that I happened to have. Hope he / they enjoy it!!

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Korisa,

Let me know how the spell works for you, the Leprechauns have amazing energies don't they.

Rachel x