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Jacky Newcomb Interview

JACKY NEWCOMB 'The Angel Lady'

Q. How has your life changed over the years with regards to your angel work?

A. My life has changed completely! I put myself out of my comfort 'zone' all the time, constantly doing scary things...I've found it's the best way for my soul to grow. When I'm asked to do something new I always say YES but then get scared afterwards! It always works out fine though.

I've also met a lot of famous people and appeared on television...the sorts of things that I would never have done if I hadn't started writing books. My face is regularly staring out from the pages of magazines and it still seems strange to sign autographs and pose for photographs, but I don't mind one bit. People are so lovely to ask me!

I still think of myself as a housewife who's done ok with her life! My family keep my feet firmly on the ground though.

Q. Where does all your inspiration comes from?

A. Usually I let my readers decide what's coming next; when I got a lot of letters asking me about psychic children I realised it was time to start researching a book on the subject for example. The stories in the book are all real - both my own paranormal experiences and those of my readers, so I work with whatever my postbag has brought me.

Q. What inspired you to start writing about angels?

A. I was watching a TV programme about angels and had a spontaneous memory of an experience I'd had when I was about five. I recalled a near-drowning experience where I'd felt I was helped safely back to shore by angels. After that I began investigating the subject and eventually decided to write a book about them. I had no idea what I was doing but just got on with it and hoped for the best. I learnt as I went along and you know what? It worked out just fine!

Q. Any tips on how to best connect to your guardian angels?

A. Ask them to help! I know it sounds obvious but we do have to give them permission to intervene in our lives. I find rituals are fun (you can make up your own and you'll find lots of tips in my next book 'Angel Secrets'), but meditating is the best way to feel them really closely.

Q. Your favourite book written by yourself and why?

A. I've never been asked that before! I think it has to be 'Angel Kids', a book about children's psychic experiences, because the stories are amazing and it was the hardest to research (It took me several years to pull it all together). My second favourite is 'Angels Watching Over Me', because it contains so much information about the afterlife. (Of course I have more books in the pipeline so I am sure my favourites will change as the years go by).


ABOUT JACKY NEWCOMBJacky Newcomb is a multi-award winning, Sunday Times best selling author, columnist, presenter and paranormal experiences expert specialising in angels and afterlife phenomenon. For more information about Jacky visit:

Interview carried out by Rachel Curtis 22/09/10

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