Tuesday, 23 April 2013


If we think about it I bet you have at least 3 things in your life past or present that you can say for sure you are grateful or blessed for and I bet also that after naming these 3 gratitudes you will follow up with a few negatives....am I right?

Our mind works in such a way that we think we cannot possibly show happiness for more than a few "good" times in our live so we tend to concentrate on what we never had or don't have.  We attract into our life energies of both a positive and negative nature and they take hold by lifting us up or bringing us down often without us really realising it.

We need to find a way of booting out more of what holds us back from our true potential and embrace words, thoughts and actions that help us build a firm foundation.  This might sound harder than it actually is because all we need to do is make some alterations in the way our mind works, we need to encourage the voice we hear daily that we want a change from feeling a failure or lost completely and that we want to be the best we can.

So how can we help ourselves to build a future that is bright, positive and how can we keep it going?  with the correct attitude we can bring gratitude to the fore front and allow it to spread throughout the day until we notice changes within us.  I do believe in our abilities to manifest and we have to acknowledge that the words we think and speak are powerful, they can bring about our dreams or they can destroy.

It can be easier to just bury our heads and continue on the negative path but I want you to try something different even if only for a week just to see that gratitude can alter our lives for the better.  Below are some pointers on how to start out.

*When you throw your legs over the side of the bed each morning and you sit there getting your balance to stand up say out loud  "Today is filled with love"

*As you check yourself  in the mirror just before you leave the house in the morning say out loud  "I am worthy of love and respect today"

*Throughout the day it is important to pat yourself on the back for doing a good job not only for yourself but for others too.

*Look around you, what are you grateful for that is in your life today? work colleagues that are helpful, the beautiful view you have from the window, a smile from someone that makes you feel less stressed.......all these we might take for granted and not give a second thought too.

*Keep a journal and every evening write down 6 gratitudes that have blessed you in one way or another today.  Do not follow these positive thoughts up with negative which is what we tend to do instead think about each one and what it brought to your day.

Once we begin to think more positively and savor those moments of gratitude our thought process changes and we begin to feel abundant for what we have and are lucky to have in our lives.  Let us celebrate family, friends, love, a safe haven we call home, our childrens laughter or a thoughtful act that another has bestowed upon you.

I am grateful and feel so blessed to have a loving and funny family, friends who care, a place to call home, being able to breathe in fresh air and to listen to the birds sing every morning and evening.  I remind myself of these wonderful energies every day and give thanks that I am able to experience them.  By changing just one or two thoughts can make a huge difference to the way we view our life and who we are.

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