Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Yule Blessings With The Faeries

Yule is almost upon us and you can see as well as feel the changes the Yule faeries have brought.  You only need to step outside to witness Mother Earth shrinking right back to her bare core, tree's are bare and the earth looks asleep.  The cold tends to linger for longer in the air, griping our very bones and making us feel the chill, but there is still some colour within a few plants and upon some tree's.  The Holly which is a tree known for it's protection to the home will have a splash of red from the berries, if you should bring some Holly into your home it will offer shelter to faeries and they will in return look out for you and your home.  Holly is a sacred tree and can be found upon many altars at the Winter Solstice, it encourages the Sun God to be reborn and has a male energy.  The Ivy holds a female energy and is used for protection, fertility as well as faithfulness and will partner the Holly.  It's important to have a balance in life and both these are used upon a Yule Altar.

So let's celebrate the return journey of the Sun God in all his power by celebrating what we can bring into our life.  Out with the old and the stale energies that make us feel as if we are living in a world with the light turned off instead we want to embrace the new and fresh idea's, fun, laughter, a new way forward.  We want to make every day feel full of abundance and to be glad we are a part Mother Nature and we can do this by setting up our own Yule altar indoors or outside.  The Yule faeries will work alongside many kings, queens such as the Sun god or king and at this time they will be very excited in helping him to come back to his full glow.

For you altar choose a cloth of green, red or gold, place upon it some Holly and Ivy along with candles in the same colours as previously mentioned.  Decorations that represent the Sun, fertility are a must have along with crystals, faery ornaments and anything you feel best represents your Yule Altar.  As you set it up think about why you are doing it, what does it mean to you and you can also say a affirmation for what you want in the coming year.  Make it a special ceremony and one you will remember.  Take photos, invite friends and family and have a party, write down the evening's events in your Book of Shadows etc.

For me I will be saying a blessing, thanking the God/Faery King & the Goddess/Faery Queen for bestowing upon us such riches, we are blessed to have a beautiful world and all that lives within.  I want to thank them also for enriching my life with those special people who make every day worth getting out of bed for and for the hugs & kisses my family give freely to me, I truly am such a lucky lady.  The next part of my journey is going to be colourful and exciting because I choose it to be and I hope to see you all there at some point upon my path even if only to say Hello.

So I wish you a magikal Yule and here's to the new year that is almost here.


Rachel x

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