Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Queen Of The Buttercup Faeries Meditation

The tree's branches cascade down to form a long and winding archway that seems to be neverending,  you wander through.  There is a beautiful warm breeze with a hint of lemon in the air.  As you walk under the branches you can hear a harp, the music is breathtaking and resonates within your whole body.  It gives you a feeling of joy and new adventures to come.  The path you are on holds many wonderful sights, the flowers are majestic colours, the stones are big and decorated with gems that sparkle, there are millions of bubbles floating upon the air, you are certain you catch a glimpse of a faery or two.  The harp music seems to be coming from behind a cluster of green bushes so you walk to them and go around, there before you sat upon a oak carved stool playing the harp is the queen of the Buttercup fae.  She looks magnificient dressed in her royal buttercup colour robes and thousands of sequins, in her golden hair a crown made from leaves, ribbons and buttercups.  As you walk closer she acknowledges you with a smile, her beauty captivates you and her blue eyes are so soft and loving.  You sit down just beside her and the harp she is playing, you feel at peace here.  You lay back upon the grass and relax, your eyes close, I will leave you here for a short while to think about your past, present and your future.  The queen will not speak but will play her harp, I shall leave you now........................Now it is time to gather yourself up, in respect for the queen you gently nod your head towards her and she does the same back, you can almost here her thoughts and know that she enjoyed your company today.  You head back towards the bushes and back onto the path, it leads you to the cascading branches and as you walk through them you are aware of your natural surroundings x

© Rachel Curtis

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