Friday, 9 November 2012

A Challenge For The Next Month

I was inspired yesterday by a lovely lady on Twitter who had set herself a challenge of writing on her blog everyday for a month and it got me thinking could I take up such a challenge........yes I think I can so for the next month every day I shall blog.  Now, I'm not sure what each blog will be about until the day and it may be a long blog or a short blog but I am determined so here goes. x

Day 1

Pay it forward

I am a believer that if someone does a good deed for you then you need to pay it forward so that the energy carries on.  It's no good to anyone if only a few keep accepting acts of kindness but yet we never repay them to another person, everyone can benefit from a good deed.

I've always loved to give, to make people happy and feel good about themselves and this I give freely through my writing because I write more confidently than I speak lol.  Helping another person does have a feel good factor about it but it's not really about that it is about helping someone who is vunerable, ill or if they have gotten themselves into a pickle, we all at some point in our life have needed help and chances are someone gave us that help.  Where would we have been without the consideration of another kind soul?.

Pay it forward can be achieved in many ways such as financially, emotionally etc and here are a few ways that I love to pay it forward.

* Give your biggest smile when eye contact is made whether you know the person or not because it may be just what they need to help them through the day.

*Give your seat up for someone who looks like they could really do with taking the weight off their feet.

*It may be someone elses turn to make the coffee but if your work colleague looks stressed make it for them  and add a extra touch, add a biscuit.

*Bake a cake, this is always appreciated!.

*Send a text to family or friends saying you are thinking of them today.

*Do the shopping for someone who is unable to,  maybe they are ill or cannot get out and about.

Paying it forward means you are grateful for being paid so to speak, in times of self  need we hope others will be there for us so in times of  being able to, give some of yourself and do something for another fellow human.

I'm going to pay it forward with lots of hugs for you all.

Rachel x


justbeyou said...

Looking forward to reading your words everyday <3

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi justbeyou,

Thank you my friend, it's lovely to have you here

Rachel x

Calyr Elf said...

Blessings to you, Enchantress; these are such beautiful sentiments. You inspire me when I read your posts. :)

The Faery Enchantress said...

Hi Calyr Elf,

Thank you so much my friend, faery blessings to you.

Rachel x